Thursday, May 21, 2015

Two Months

Sydney turned TWO months old a few days ago.  I can hardly believe she is already nine weeks old.  It has gone so fast but it also feels like she has already been here.  

Sydney is growing so well and it just perfect.  She is so sweet and the easiest baby.  

So what is Sydney up to this month:  
Everyone always comments on how pretty you are.  We think you are the prettiest baby.  

You are holding your head up very well.  You love to be up on my shoulder and look around at everything going on around you.  You are getting more control of your head every day.  

You are on a great schedule - you wake up between 6-7AM and eat every 3 hours during the day!  You typically eat 4oz at every feeding.  You go to bed after your 7pm bottle then take a dream feed bottle at 10pm.  

You love your playmat and your rock 'n play.  You sleep great in your rock 'n play.  You have been in the swing a few times but you aren't as big a fan.  

You love to kick your legs and move your arms around especially when you are on your playmate.  You are beginning to clasp your hands together.  

You started smiling at us last week.  It is seriously the sweetest thing and such a beautiful smile.  I've gotten it on video but yet to get a picture.  Every time I try to get a picture of your pretty smile you just stare at my phone and get totally distracted. 

You love your bath but not a fan of getting out.  You do love to be all cuddled up in your towel. 

You still nap between every feeding.  Sometimes it's only 20 min and other times like mid morning and afternoon it's an hour and a half.   

You LOVE to watch your big brothers!  They don't pay you much attention but when they do you love to share a big smile with them.  They have been so helpful (especially Ryan) at bringing me diapers, bottles, paci and keeping you entertained when you start fussing.  

Biggest News: You are sleeping through the night!!!  Hallelujah!!!
You have a dream feed bottle at 10 then will sleep til 6 or 7am!  Momma is love that and hope it continues.  

We are SO in love with you baby girl and cannot imagine life without our little princess!  You are such a joy and delight.  We thank God every day for such a sweet and beautiful blessing!  We love you so much Sydney!  

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