Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tennessee v. Wyoming Game

This past weekend we traveled to Knoxville to go to the Tennessee v. Wyoming game!  It was my Dad's Father's Day present from "the kids"!  So my parents and brother met us in Knoxville for the weekend!  Unfortunately Tennessee played horrible and lost the game to Wyoming but it was still a fun weekend!  It was nice to see my family and spend some time with them!

Tennessee has really been struggling this year and just fired their head coach Phillip Fulmer last week!  It's kinda sad since he's been at TN for so long (17 years) so I'm sure it feels like family to him!  I'm anxious to see who the next coach will be and hopefully drag us out of the rut TN has been in for the past few years!  
First TN shirt Matt has ever worn!  haha  A present from my parents!  
Thanks Mom & Dad, I thought I would never get him in a TN shirt!


ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

Great pictures! I love that Matt is in a Vols shirt. Hey, when in Rome, right??

Plus he married a TN gal, you got to sport the TN gear every so often to keep the marriage happy and healthy. (Just kidding.) But I do sport MS State gear for Christopher's games and he wears a Vols hat for my games. So see....compromise, compromise, compromise.

Only I don't know WHAT our children will wear growing up? Probably both!

Nathan and Meg said...

UT games are SO much fun!! I am anxious to see who the new coach will be, too. It's very bitter sweet since Phil has been there so long...watching the press conference was hard since he was so upset! =(

Way to get Matt in that VOLS shirt! hahahahaha Nathan wore his first UT sweatshirt to a game we went to last year - and he's a Bama fan!!! =)

Glad things are going well!