Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tennessee Tour - Knoxville to Memphis

Well last time I left you we were headed to Knoxville for the TN v. Vandy game! We had an amazing weekend in Knoxville a couple weeks ago! We stayed with my best friend Raych's Mom! I haven't seen her in a couple years so it was great catching up with her! They live in Sevierville right outside Knox. The game was AWESOME on Saturday! I always love seeing the sea of organge at Neyland! It's the coolest thing ever! The game started out slow but by the end I was on my feet yelling and screaming with excitement! Matt on the other hand knew he was getting beat and knew he was out numbered! haha! After the game when went to see Katie (Raych's Mom) in her show! She's an actor/singer for a murder mystery dinner theatre in Pigeon Forge! It was awesome! It was both our first time at a dinner theatre and we were truely impressed! Katie was amazing and the entertainment and food was awesome! We couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

We got to Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon...just in time to pick up our girls from the kennel! We missed them like crazy! We had 2 days to prepare before we headed to the other side of TN to Memphis to see my fam! We left Tuesday night and actually got on the road at a good time! Usually, we are running behind! I was excited to see my fam since we haven't seen them since July! We had a great time in Memphis! We really didn't do a whole lot! I cooked/baked some, ate, saw some friends, shopped and hung out with the family! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Lunch on Thursday! My mom and I shopped some on Friday! Saturday my Dad and my bro watched the TN game...seemed like it was all day long! The game was insane! It started at 12:30 and finally after the 4th OT it ended after 6pm! It was an intense and crazy game! Thankfully Big Orange UT beat KY! WOOHOO!!! Go Vols!

I will post pics from the game soon! I am sad to say we didn't take any pics from Thanksgiving! Don't worry, we will make up for it when the fam comes to Cinci for Christmas!

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