Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gracie's Surgery!

Yesterday our little Gracie had surgery to get two of her baby teeth pulled! Two of her very sharp canine teeth never came out when all her other baby teeth fell out! The vet recommended that we get them pulled to prevent any dental problems down the road! I dropped Gracie off at the vet yesterday morning and she did fabulous! She's a trooper! When I went back to pick her up around 2:30 she was still a little groggy but happy to be around all her friends at the vet office! The technicians have such a great love to Gracie and Annabelle! They love to see them come visit and, of course, they love the attention! Thankfully, Gracie was a little calmer last night however, it didn't last long, she was up and running this morning!

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Leah said...

Sum, I am worried about us. We think our dogs are people way more than most pet owners. :) Oh, well. Just imagine how our blogs will be like when the dogs turn to kids.